Chapter 3

Alissa stood by the side while Mason kept pressing the switches on the old radio. Turned away from Alissa, Mason missed the dirty looks she gave him, the disgusted look she gave him as she tried not to gag from It. Mason furrowed his brow as a voice was barely heard, something that sounded remotely like Cecil, the Night Vale Community Radio host, a voice that everyone in Night Vale could find solace in.

Mason glanced back at Alissa, wide eyed as gazes met. Mason leaned back towards the radio with renewed vigor and turned a few knobs, and the voice went clear. A few seconds passed before Alissa sighed in defeat. “We got Desert BluffsReally?” Alissa said angrily, turning around and walking to the window.

A hand on her shoulder surprised her a bit, and she glanced over to see Mason with his hand on her shoulder, a look of understanding with mutual despair on his face. “It’s alright Alissa, we’ll find home soon.” Mason said, trying to put feeling into what he was saying, but failing, although Alissa couldn’t notice that.

Alissa gave an attempt at a smile, and turned back to the window, looking out at the new town of Pandora Grey, and the grey scale world in which it existed. “But maybe it won’t be soon enough though, Mason.” Alissa confided, although she didn’t see the solemn nod from Mason.


The flyer of mayoral candidates.

A flyer was being delivered to every house by Alissa and Mason, a poster that had the three political candidates. It wasn’t hard to run, although neither Mason or Alissa really wanted to be mayor.


After the radio incident, the duo wasn’t up for much. While Mitch was still upset at Mason, he’d cooled off a bit since it happened. After delivering another flyer, Mason pulled Alissa off to the side of the street, away from other people. “I know who you are working for, and if you just stop getting involved in this you’ll be spared!” Mason hissed, giving Alissa a look of concern. They weren’t really friends, more like acquaintances if at all.

“Well, maybe if you stop getting involved in this, he’ll let you live freely in this world. You know he’s going to win.” Alissa snapped, pushing Mason in an accused way.

Mason let out an irritated sigh, rubbing his temples. “Fine, do whatever you want. I’m only trying to help you Alissa, because we both know that Bow-tie over there,” He gestured vaguely to the forest. “Is going to win this war, and there’s nothing you’re boss can do to stop it.”

“Well, when my boss wins, because of course he will, he’ll wipe your smug face off this plane of existence, and finally clear the air of that thick demon magic you’ve got going on, that stuff smells awful.” Alissa said with a huff, then continued to deliver the flyers.

Mason turned around and walked away, the confrontation fresh on his mind , causing him to take a turn towards the woods as he could feel a shuffle in his mind, something consciously directing him to the woods, but not against his own will, more like whispering him the idea, and so he took it.



News Article 3

Hello wonderful readers! It’s Alissa Hall yet again with your favorite morning news! Yesterday, a large amount of cats was found in the woods, and they are currently occupying the home that once belonged to Dan. If you’d like a cat, swing by and pick up one!

Wondering if you should get a cat but you aren’t sure why they would be useful? Well, cats have a much better sense of eyesight then we do! At the News house we put together this wonderful info graphic to show you why you should get a cat!


A simple info graphic that we’ve put together.



In other news, once the cat crisis is solved we are opening up another garden! In the southern part of the town we have discovered another garden full of fruits and vegetables. Anyone willing to work double their required time will receive extra  rations.

Later, we’ll have more to report on, but until then, work hard! Everything is normal and always will be, enjoy!

Pandora Grey News written by Alissa Hall

Chapter 2: Secrets Are Things You Don’t Tell

Mitch laid down on his bed, a room away from Mason. Mason always was different, kept secrets, told lies. It wasn’t new for Mason to be keeping something from him, but in this world, the truth needed to be told and beans needed to be spilled. He stared at the ceiling, wondering what in the world Mason was keeping from him. After what easily could have been hours passed by, Mitch still had not fallen asleep. He began to drift off when he heard a door slam, and could hear Mason running down the stairs.

Jumping up and wide alert, Mitch grabbed his jacket and pulled on his boots, but by the time he got out the front door, Mason was long gone. Sighing, Mitch began trudging back into the house.


Pulling his sweater closer against himself, Mason shivered, cursing under his breath. Why had he agreed to go this deep into the forest? Joining in the war excited him, but to keep this far away from the town? It would only be a matter of time before Mitch started noticing the mud on Mason’s clothes, and before he had to get more creative on going out to meet Him.


Mitch sat on the couch, waiting for Mason to come home. After a few hours and dosing off, Mitch jumped as the door slammed closed, and he opened an eye to see Mason tug off his boots, and sweater, before sighing angrily at his shirt and taking that off too. Crossing the living room with a huff, Mason nearly missed Mitch curled up on the couch. Nearly.

Mason screamed when Mitch moved, jumping back and fumbling with his hands for something. “Where were you?” Mitch accused. Mason widened his eyes in alarm.

“Nothing.” Mason replied, backing away slowly from Mitch.

“Nothing you say? Why are you covered in mud, in briars if you were gone for hours doing nothing?” Mitch shot back with a suspicious glare.

Mason raised his hands in surrender. “Okay, well I was-” Mitch gasped as some fruit fell out of Mason’s pocket.

“You were stealing from the garden?!”


Once the sun rose, Mitch was still ignoring Mason. “I can’t believe you left for hours at night because you were stealing from the rations.”

Mason just allowed Mitch to believe that he was stealing from the garden. It was a much easier thing to accept then what had actually been happening. Who would even believe Mason besides Mitch, who even then didn’t want anything with the other teen?

Sighing, Mason walked up to Mitch and leaned on the taller man’s shoulder. “You can’t ignore me forever. We have work to do.” Mason said, biting back a smirk.

“Doesn’t mean I won’t talk to you at home.”
“Are you really going to be this stubborn over a small incident?”
“It was not a ‘small incident!’ You don’t steal from the garden, we won’t have enough rations!”

“Don’t be like that Mitch, you know you’d do the same. You’re not a saint yourself.” Mason claimed happily.

“Whatever,” Mitch answered, lightly punching Mason’s arm.

News Article 2

Hey readers! Alissa Hall, here again with your morning news! We’ve found a well behind the house of a previous resident! Although our homes have running water, it seems that we cannot use said water for anything but washing. Drinking water has been found, so our short crisis has been resolved!


A picture of our well that we were able to take.

Well, in other news, we’ve harvested enough fruits for now to last rations. Although half of what we harvested is going to be dried and turned into longer lasting food, we still have enough for everyone to eat.

Detective Palmer and Detective Darling have been working hard to protect our town which they have named Pandora Grey. They’ve also said that they plan on “running a town election for mayor, and opening up some jobs for patrols.” Anyone who becomes a patrol offer will receive more rations and will be going on day long training trips to prepare for the job.

So who’s running for Mayor? Anyone over the age of 14 is able to run, which means our darling detectives (Puns for Inv. Darling!) are able to run for mayor. I think I might run for mayor also, as it would be fun to have a friendly competition to help us settle in out new home!

Today at 12pm we will be having a conference with all adults, so please tune in for that. In other words, there will also be a citywide dance tomorrow evening, so wear your dancing shoes if you’re ready to win the dance contest! The winner(s) will receive and extra ration for 2 days after the winning of the contest. Good luck!

Also, there will be jobs opening up for women to help turn the fruits into bottled drinks, and also for helping create jellies and jams, and last but not least, to dry the fruits into strips.

How did you sleep last night? Got any info on the town? Gossip on other members? Send it in to Alissa Hall, the bright pink home on the Northern quarter of Pandora Grey.

Pandora Grey News written by Alissa Hall


Chapter 1: Meet The Beasts

It had only been a few hours since the collision of dimensions had occurred. The townsfolk had been each put into a different house, as if there was one for every single person to own a single, lavish home, to each their own shade of color. It was as if a rainbow of hues existed from 20 different members of what once was Night Vale. Although the town was full of color, the skies and grounds, surrounding forests and all, were completely grayscale. To say they were frightened was a severe understatement.

Alissa Hall had immediately jumped into working on the typewriter she found in the bedroom of her bubblegum pink home. Mitch Palmer had begun investigating with Mason Darling, both of which interested in the making of this new world, this new place to which they were to call home. 5 men (Jerry, Theo, Mark, Dan, and Adam) decided they were not to stay in this new world, which had been officially labeled ‘Pandora Grey’ by Mason and Mitch.

These five men ventured into the woods, where the nightmare beasts lay. And so, as Mason and Mitch explored the town area, five individuals ran for their lives through the woods, fleeing from the Ether-Beast. Unknown to them, they were running back to the town, before it all ended for them.


Mitch grimaced at the scene played out before him and Mason. The first deaths of Pandora Grey, numbering the town to 15. Sighing, he rubbed his eyes before turning to his partner, Mason. “May, I don’t know how this happened, but I think there’s something in these woods.” Mitch stated softly, before looking into Mason’s eyes and seeing that wicked source of glee that he had last seen when the glow cloud had started raining down dead animals.

“You think? Mitch, there’s clearly something in the woods, and I want to know what it is!” Mason exclaimed, fidgeting a little bit and clearly uncomfortable from standing still for too long.

“Well, we need to find this thing, and kindly ask it to stop.”
“We can’t join it?”

Mitch glared at Mason. “Mason, we are not joining a monster in murdering other human beings!” Mason looked down at the ground and mumbled an agreement.

Not even a minute later of silence, it is broken by the screams of an older woman. Snapping his head up, Mason flees, running towards the direction of the screaming. He was short, but he certainly was faster than Mitch, who ran after him.

Once Mason found the source of the screaming, an older woman of which he knew had the name Bee-Anne, she stopped screaming and could barely speak over her sobbing. “I saw it! The man of the woods, the Ether-Beast! Sounded just like my younger sister who died when she ‘as 5! Beware the Ether-Beast!” Bee-Anne cried out, resisting Mitch’s attempts to calm her by a wavelength.

Mason stood up, and turned to face the woods, as if he was protecting Bee-Anne, and narrowed his gaze at a floating entity in the woods. Moving a his hand over his mouth like he was zipping it and locking it, he flashed the entity one brief grin, and then turned back to Bee-Anne.

No one had to know what was really going on here, including Mitch.

News Article One

Hey readers! It’s your neighbor Alissa Hall, a journalist. As many of you know, yesterday we departed from Night Vale and were brought to a new place. Was it the Sheriff’s Secret Police? Was it the angels? The hooded figures in the dog park? The glow cloud?

We are not yet sure what caused this movement. Are we even still in the United States? On Earth? No one knows the answer to this question. 5 men went into the woods last night, and none of them have returned. We can only hope that they’ve found something that can help us find out where we are. At least there are buildings here lavishly furnished, so that we do not have to build up from scratch. There is a meadow in the east where many berries and fruits are growing, and a few vegetables.

Few are beginning to call this place ‘Pandora Grey’, as the entire world is grayscale. Pandora Grey might be our home for the foreseeable future, so remind your kids to smile and enjoy themselves. Children are now to be working the meadow from 10 am to 5 pm, and will recieve a ten minute break each hour. Adults will be searching through the currently uninhabited buildings for food and water.

We’ve recently gotten news that the men who went into the woods have, in fact, died. The cause of death is unknown, but the cause of death is gruesome. A funeral is to be held later today at 4 pm, please be prompt. In other news, we’ve also learned that there are creatures in the woods that seem to have come straight from nightmares. A woman named Bee-Anne has told her story of how she met the Ether-Beast. The Ether-Beast is a tall, thin creature that is completely grey, making it the perfect predator of the woods. It has long claws and speaks to you in a child’s voice, hoping to lure you in.


An image we’ve attained of the home of Mitch Palmer and Mason Darling.

Readers, please take into account that we do not know that much about the woods, so please refrain from passing the tree line. Anyone interested in investigating the woods can head to the Carolina blue house on the end of the left most street. Any questions can be answered by Mitch Palmer or Mason Darling, and remember, act normal and things will be normal.

Pandora Grey News written by Alissa Hall


Pandora Grey Has Appeared

The Mindscape used to be its own sole dimension. So did the Unknown, but now both dimensions have mixed, causing issues with reality, our own dimension. Half of a small, desert town called Night Vale also happened to be sucked into the mess of the Unknown and the Mindscape. The surviving town members labeled their new home ‘Pandora Grey’.

Here within the dangerous woods where hopelessneess means death and creatures unimaginably terrifying roam, 15 people must survive the upcoming war between two demons and find a way back home, or suffer from the beasts of the woods.

Join the residents in Pandora Grey as they attempt to live normal lives, well as normal as a life could be when two powerful beings are fighting each other for territory right outside your home and beasts that previously haunted your nightmares now exist a few feet from your home.

Welcome to Pandora Grey.