Chapter 1: Meet The Beasts

It had only been a few hours since the collision of dimensions had occurred. The townsfolk had been each put into a different house, as if there was one for every single person to own a single, lavish home, to each their own shade of color. It was as if a rainbow of hues existed from 20 different members of what once was Night Vale. Although the town was full of color, the skies and grounds, surrounding forests and all, were completely grayscale. To say they were frightened was a severe understatement.

Alissa Hall had immediately jumped into working on the typewriter she found in the bedroom of her bubblegum pink home. Mitch Palmer had begun investigating with Mason Darling, both of which interested in the making of this new world, this new place to which they were to call home. 5 men (Jerry, Theo, Mark, Dan, and Adam) decided they were not to stay in this new world, which had been officially labeled ‘Pandora Grey’ by Mason and Mitch.

These five men ventured into the woods, where the nightmare beasts lay. And so, as Mason and Mitch explored the town area, five individuals ran for their lives through the woods, fleeing from the Ether-Beast. Unknown to them, they were running back to the town, before it all ended for them.


Mitch grimaced at the scene played out before him and Mason. The first deaths of Pandora Grey, numbering the town to 15. Sighing, he rubbed his eyes before turning to his partner, Mason. “May, I don’t know how this happened, but I think there’s something in these woods.” Mitch stated softly, before looking into Mason’s eyes and seeing that wicked source of glee that he had last seen when the glow cloud had started raining down dead animals.

“You think? Mitch, there’s clearly something in the woods, and I want to know what it is!” Mason exclaimed, fidgeting a little bit and clearly uncomfortable from standing still for too long.

“Well, we need to find this thing, and kindly ask it to stop.”
“We can’t join it?”

Mitch glared at Mason. “Mason, we are not joining a monster in murdering other human beings!” Mason looked down at the ground and mumbled an agreement.

Not even a minute later of silence, it is broken by the screams of an older woman. Snapping his head up, Mason flees, running towards the direction of the screaming. He was short, but he certainly was faster than Mitch, who ran after him.

Once Mason found the source of the screaming, an older woman of which he knew had the name Bee-Anne, she stopped screaming and could barely speak over her sobbing. “I saw it! The man of the woods, the Ether-Beast! Sounded just like my younger sister who died when she ‘as 5! Beware the Ether-Beast!” Bee-Anne cried out, resisting Mitch’s attempts to calm her by a wavelength.

Mason stood up, and turned to face the woods, as if he was protecting Bee-Anne, and narrowed his gaze at a floating entity in the woods. Moving a his hand over his mouth like he was zipping it and locking it, he flashed the entity one brief grin, and then turned back to Bee-Anne.

No one had to know what was really going on here, including Mitch.


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