Chapter 2: Secrets Are Things You Don’t Tell

Mitch laid down on his bed, a room away from Mason. Mason always was different, kept secrets, told lies. It wasn’t new for Mason to be keeping something from him, but in this world, the truth needed to be told and beans needed to be spilled. He stared at the ceiling, wondering what in the world Mason was keeping from him. After what easily could have been hours passed by, Mitch still had not fallen asleep. He began to drift off when he heard a door slam, and could hear Mason running down the stairs.

Jumping up and wide alert, Mitch grabbed his jacket and pulled on his boots, but by the time he got out the front door, Mason was long gone. Sighing, Mitch began trudging back into the house.


Pulling his sweater closer against himself, Mason shivered, cursing under his breath. Why had he agreed to go this deep into the forest? Joining in the war excited him, but to keep this far away from the town? It would only be a matter of time before Mitch started noticing the mud on Mason’s clothes, and before he had to get more creative on going out to meet Him.


Mitch sat on the couch, waiting for Mason to come home. After a few hours and dosing off, Mitch jumped as the door slammed closed, and he opened an eye to see Mason tug off his boots, and sweater, before sighing angrily at his shirt and taking that off too. Crossing the living room with a huff, Mason nearly missed Mitch curled up on the couch. Nearly.

Mason screamed when Mitch moved, jumping back and fumbling with his hands for something. “Where were you?” Mitch accused. Mason widened his eyes in alarm.

“Nothing.” Mason replied, backing away slowly from Mitch.

“Nothing you say? Why are you covered in mud, in briars if you were gone for hours doing nothing?” Mitch shot back with a suspicious glare.

Mason raised his hands in surrender. “Okay, well I was-” Mitch gasped as some fruit fell out of Mason’s pocket.

“You were stealing from the garden?!”


Once the sun rose, Mitch was still ignoring Mason. “I can’t believe you left for hours at night because you were stealing from the rations.”

Mason just allowed Mitch to believe that he was stealing from the garden. It was a much easier thing to accept then what had actually been happening. Who would even believe Mason besides Mitch, who even then didn’t want anything with the other teen?

Sighing, Mason walked up to Mitch and leaned on the taller man’s shoulder. “You can’t ignore me forever. We have work to do.” Mason said, biting back a smirk.

“Doesn’t mean I won’t talk to you at home.”
“Are you really going to be this stubborn over a small incident?”
“It was not a ‘small incident!’ You don’t steal from the garden, we won’t have enough rations!”

“Don’t be like that Mitch, you know you’d do the same. You’re not a saint yourself.” Mason claimed happily.

“Whatever,” Mitch answered, lightly punching Mason’s arm.


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