News Article 2

Hey readers! Alissa Hall, here again with your morning news! We’ve found a well behind the house of a previous resident! Although our homes have running water, it seems that we cannot use said water for anything but washing. Drinking water has been found, so our short crisis has been resolved!


A picture of our well that we were able to take.

Well, in other news, we’ve harvested enough fruits for now to last rations. Although half of what we harvested is going to be dried and turned into longer lasting food, we still have enough for everyone to eat.

Detective Palmer and Detective Darling have been working hard to protect our town which they have named Pandora Grey. They’ve also said that they plan on “running a town election for mayor, and opening up some jobs for patrols.” Anyone who becomes a patrol offer will receive more rations and will be going on day long training trips to prepare for the job.

So who’s running for Mayor? Anyone over the age of 14 is able to run, which means our darling detectives (Puns for Inv. Darling!) are able to run for mayor. I think I might run for mayor also, as it would be fun to have a friendly competition to help us settle in out new home!

Today at 12pm we will be having a conference with all adults, so please tune in for that. In other words, there will also be a citywide dance tomorrow evening, so wear your dancing shoes if you’re ready to win the dance contest! The winner(s) will receive and extra ration for 2 days after the winning of the contest. Good luck!

Also, there will be jobs opening up for women to help turn the fruits into bottled drinks, and also for helping create jellies and jams, and last but not least, to dry the fruits into strips.

How did you sleep last night? Got any info on the town? Gossip on other members? Send it in to Alissa Hall, the bright pink home on the Northern quarter of Pandora Grey.

Pandora Grey News written by Alissa Hall



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