News Article 3

Hello wonderful readers! It’s Alissa Hall yet again with your favorite morning news! Yesterday, a large amount of cats was found in the woods, and they are currently occupying the home that once belonged to Dan. If you’d like a cat, swing by and pick up one!

Wondering if you should get a cat but you aren’t sure why they would be useful? Well, cats have a much better sense of eyesight then we do! At the News house we put together this wonderful info graphic to show you why you should get a cat!


A simple info graphic that we’ve put together.



In other news, once the cat crisis is solved we are opening up another garden! In the southern part of the town we have discovered another garden full of fruits and vegetables. Anyone willing to work double their required time will receive extra  rations.

Later, we’ll have more to report on, but until then, work hard! Everything is normal and always will be, enjoy!

Pandora Grey News written by Alissa Hall


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