Chapter 3

Alissa stood by the side while Mason kept pressing the switches on the old radio. Turned away from Alissa, Mason missed the dirty looks she gave him, the disgusted look she gave him as she tried not to gag from It. Mason furrowed his brow as a voice was barely heard, something that sounded remotely like Cecil, the Night Vale Community Radio host, a voice that everyone in Night Vale could find solace in.

Mason glanced back at Alissa, wide eyed as gazes met. Mason leaned back towards the radio with renewed vigor and turned a few knobs, and the voice went clear. A few seconds passed before Alissa sighed in defeat. “We got Desert BluffsReally?” Alissa said angrily, turning around and walking to the window.

A hand on her shoulder surprised her a bit, and she glanced over to see Mason with his hand on her shoulder, a look of understanding with mutual despair on his face. “It’s alright Alissa, we’ll find home soon.” Mason said, trying to put feeling into what he was saying, but failing, although Alissa couldn’t notice that.

Alissa gave an attempt at a smile, and turned back to the window, looking out at the new town of Pandora Grey, and the grey scale world in which it existed. “But maybe it won’t be soon enough though, Mason.” Alissa confided, although she didn’t see the solemn nod from Mason.


The flyer of mayoral candidates.

A flyer was being delivered to every house by Alissa and Mason, a poster that had the three political candidates. It wasn’t hard to run, although neither Mason or Alissa really wanted to be mayor.


After the radio incident, the duo wasn’t up for much. While Mitch was still upset at Mason, he’d cooled off a bit since it happened. After delivering another flyer, Mason pulled Alissa off to the side of the street, away from other people. “I know who you are working for, and if you just stop getting involved in this you’ll be spared!” Mason hissed, giving Alissa a look of concern. They weren’t really friends, more like acquaintances if at all.

“Well, maybe if you stop getting involved in this, he’ll let you live freely in this world. You know he’s going to win.” Alissa snapped, pushing Mason in an accused way.

Mason let out an irritated sigh, rubbing his temples. “Fine, do whatever you want. I’m only trying to help you Alissa, because we both know that Bow-tie over there,” He gestured vaguely to the forest. “Is going to win this war, and there’s nothing you’re boss can do to stop it.”

“Well, when my boss wins, because of course he will, he’ll wipe your smug face off this plane of existence, and finally clear the air of that thick demon magic you’ve got going on, that stuff smells awful.” Alissa said with a huff, then continued to deliver the flyers.

Mason turned around and walked away, the confrontation fresh on his mind , causing him to take a turn towards the woods as he could feel a shuffle in his mind, something consciously directing him to the woods, but not against his own will, more like whispering him the idea, and so he took it.



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  1. You are a great writer! I can’t wait to read your novel one day!

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  2. This blog is so mysterious I love it 🙂


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